Ever since I have had the Steam Deck, I have always wanted to play Songs of Conquest comfortably on it. The turn-based tabletop-esque RPG seems like it would be a perfect fit for the handheld, but unfortunately, it never had proper gamepad support, so there was no way to play it to the best of its ability. Luckily, Lavapotion, the developer, is currently testing gamepad and Steam Deck support, and they are looking for feedback on it!


Lavapotion is currently aiming to get the game not only playable, but optimal on the Steam Deck specifically. As of testing on my end, gamepad controls are working quite nicely, and it's easy to control the board and combat without issue. It has been easy to use so far and I am really enjoying usinc a controller to play over KB+M.

As for the Steam Deck, it seems there are some special optimizations being taken into account here. The most noticeable one is the framerate. There is a new option in the game's settings for Energy Saving, Render Scale, and UI Size, all of which seem to be optimizing for the Steam Deck. Being able to change Render Scale and the UI Size is essential for the smaller screen and makes sense, but the Energy Saving option is quite interesting.

While you are moving, the framerate will go to the limit or whichever option you choose, but if Energy Saving is turned on, it will cut the framerate down to 30 or 20 to save on battery. This carries over to battles as well, which will go up in framerate when moving, but back down when standing still. Unless you look really closely at constantly moving objects, like rain, this won't be noticeable and it will end up saving tons of battery. Lavapotion implemented this really well and for a turn-based game like this, I am impressed.

Lavapotion is looking for feedback on this update too, so they have put it on the public test branch! You can opt into it by going into preferences for the game, go to the "Betas" tab, and changing to the "public-test-realm" option. For leaving feedback, you can use the in-game bug reporter by pressing the left stick and press B, leaving a comment on their initial Steam Community post, leave a comment on pinned Steam discussions, or send messages on the Gameplay feedback thread on their discord server.

Song of Conquest can be purchased on Steam for $29.99.

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