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In case you want to avoid the cringefest that is the PC Gaming Show, you can catch the highlights here on Steam Deck HQ! There's a whole host of news here, as naturally, the entire show is focused on PC games, and the Steam Deck, in case you didn't know, is a PC! OK, clearly I've gone insane from all the gaming news over the weekend...

So spare a thought for me, who had to watch the PC Gaming Show live, and enjoy these highlights!


Table of Contents

Cute Farming Sim, Among the Wild, Alpha Soon

Among The Wild is a first-person farming game where you wrangle fantastical creatures, build and manage your own idyllic farm, and set out to explore uncharted corners of a strange universe.

Strategize and Build Logistics in Star Birds, Coming 2025

Star Birds is a cheerful asteroid base-building and resource-management game. Discover and mine countless asteroids, create production networks, and guide your colony of spacefaring birds to new interstellar horizons!

Survive the Wasteland in Lorn Vale, Playtests Soon, Coming 2025

A free-roaming post-apocalyptic Survival Sandbox RPG in which you must weather the unrelenting brutality of a dying world. Shape your own unique journey, and forge alliances. Make difficult choices in this systems-driven game full of procedurally generated events. Amidst the ruins, your story begins.

Brew Your Own Alcohol in Ale Abbey, Later in 2024

Build and expand your monastery, craft recipes, and brew holy ales in this unique brewery tycoon. No pre-made recipes in Ale Abbey, oh no. It's a canvas for true beer alchemists. It's as simple as brew, sip, repeat. Welcome to Ale Abbey!

More Footage for Highly-Anticipated Streets of Rogue 2, Early Access on August 14th

Streets of Rogue 2 is a crazy, immersive RPG sandbox set in a vast randomly generated open world where freedom and fun are dialed up to 11. Fight, sneak, hack, farm, build, steal, or talk your way to power as you try to topple a corrupt president in countless possible ways – solo or with friends.

Farm in a Ragdoll World in Southfield, Coming to Early Access on June 24th

Weird farming meets silly physics in Southfield! Combine chaotic crops with unpredictable effects, build your dream farmstead, and experiment with playful machinery. Wobble your way around an ever-changing island and unearth its secrets.

Crime Noir FPS Fallen Aces Episode 1 Launches June 14th

The A.C.E.S, watchful guardians of Switchblade City, are being taken down, one by one. Now it's up to one man, with two fists, to get to the bottom of it all. Fallen Aces is a crime noir FPS that plays right out of the '90s and looks like it's right outta the comics.

RTS Stormgate Made by Former Starcraft Devs is Coming July 30th for Pre-Purchasers, Free From August 13th

Stormgate is a free-to-play, next-gen RTS set in a new science fantasy universe. Command mechs to defend the Earth or invade it as one of two other invading alien factions. Explore an ever-evolving campaign, group up for 3P co-op vs. AI, or compete in 1v1.

Choose Your Strategy in Mars Tactics, Coming Soon

The Red Planet is at war. Lead either Capital’s corporate army or Labor’s worker revolutionaries and wage war across a vast strategic map, then assume direct control in turn-based tactical battles featuring artillery, vehicles, and fully destructible environments.

Do Some Stealthy Supernatural Espionage in Sumerian Six, Later in 2024, Demo Out Now

Lead an unlikely team of commando scientists behind enemy lines to fight Nazis, uncover arcane mysteries, and wield experimental technology to turn the tide of WWII in this real-time tactical stealth adventure.

Experience Vehicular Combat Mayhem in FUMES

Arm your vehicle with deadly weapons and roam endless wastelands in this fast-paced car combat game. Collect upgrades for your car to melt enemies and giant bosses in this bizarre world. Retro vibe. Retro cars. Retro gameplay!

Hunt Down Mysterious Anomalies in Horror Game Phantom Line

Join the paranormal SWAT. PHANTOM LINE is a co-op (1-4) shooter set in the post-nuclear European continent. Your mission is to search and contain paranormal events and activities (anomalies) hidden from the public eye, in an open world map full of dynamic events.

Co-op Horror FPS Killing Floor III is Coming in Early 2025

It’s 2091 and megacorp Horzine has produced the ultimate army: an obedient horde of bioengineered monsters called zeds. Now, join the rebel group Nightfall in this co-op action/horror FPS that puts you and your teammates in a battle for the future of humanity.

Escape From Military Agents in I Am Your Beast, Coming August 15th

Hunt the military-industrial complex across stylish comic book micro-sandboxes in this fast-paced covert revenge thriller FPS from the developers of El Paso, Elsewhere.

A Deeper Look at the Gameplay of Accessible RTS Battle Aces

Welcome to a fast paced and action-oriented real time strategy game where you defend your base, advance your tech and attack the enemy’s core. Customize your Unit Deck by deploying strategic compositions and fight your way to become one of the best-in-class drone pilots, known as Battle Aces!

Highly-Anticipated TTRPG Citizen Sleeper 2 is Coming in Early 2025

A tabletop-inspired RPG, in a human and heartfelt sci-fi world. You are an escaped android, with a malfunctioning body, a price on your head, and no memory of your past. Get a ship, find a crew, and take on contracts while you navigate across the Starward Belt.

Create and Share Your Own Maps in Unrailed 2, Coming Later this Year

The chaotic co-op railroad construction game is back! Team up with your friends to build a railroad through procedurally generated worlds with new biomes and bosses. Permanently upgrade your character and engine, even create your own levels - just don‘t let your train derail!

Break the Law by Playing Music in UNBEATABLE, Coming 2025. Demo Sign-Ups Available Now

UNBEATABLE is a rhythm adventure where music is illegal and you do crimes. Follow the story of Beat and her band on the run, in a narrative experience full of big emotions powered by arcade-flawless rhythm gameplay.

Core Keeper Version 1.0 Launches August 27th

Explore an endless cavern of creatures, relics, and resources in a mining sandbox adventure for 1-8 players. Mine, build, fight, craft, and farm to unravel the mystery of the ancient Core.

DeathSprint 66, Run to the Finish, or Die Trying

DEATHSPRINT 66 redefines hardcore arcade racing, fusing high-speed on-foot racing with a dystopian setting and deadly obstacles. Unleash your velocity, push limits, and claim glory like never before.

Run a Witch Delivery Service in Crescent County

Crash headfirst into this witch-tech open world, drifting and driving on the back of your new motorbroom. Make deliveries, trick out your broom, and race your new friends (and crushes) as the sun sets. Decorate your flat, sort your life out, and discover what it means to find home.

Here's a Further Look at Cat Quest III, Launching August 8th, Demo Out June 10th

In Cat Quest III you play as a purrivateer in a freely explorable 2.5D open-world swarming with Pi-rats. You can sail the seas in your ship for treasures galore! But prepare for peril, as the Pirate King aims to hunt you down...

More Footage Shown of The Crush House, Coming August 9th, Demo Out Now

Film and produce 1999's hottest reality TV show: The Crush House! Select a crush-worthy cast, satisfy voracious audiences, and keep the show on air to uncover the sinister secrets behind this darkly comic thirst-person shooter.

Deliver Goods in Space in Star Trucker, Arriving September 3rd

Haul cargo, trade salvage and keep your space suit close as you search for fame and fortune among the stars in a game that puts an interstellar twist on the truck sim genre.

Manage Your Resources and an Ecosystem in Generation Exile

You are aboard humanity’s first and final generation ship, a last-chance expedition now teetering on the rim of collapse. One step at a time you must rebuild society and the ship’s fragile ecosystems — using only what you brought with you — in this turn-based narrative city-builder.

Build a House That Can... Walk? REKA Launches August 2024, Demo Out Now

Channel your inner witch! Build your cozy chicken-legged hut, practice witchcraft, and forage for ingredients in autumnal woodlands. Solve quests & uncover the great mysteries of the legendary witch Baba Jaga…

Enjoy the Humorous Trailer for Tactical Breach Wizards, Launching August 20th, Demo Out Now

In Tactical Breach Wizards, you lead a team of renegade wizards in kevlar through turn-based battles to unravel a modern conspiracy plot. Combine their unique spells in clever ways, or rewind time to try every crazy plan you can think of to punch a Traffic Warlock through a 4th story window.

Enjoy the Updated Multiplayer Demo of Aloft, a Sandbox Survival Where Your Base Travels With You. Full Release in Fall

Soar the skies in Aloft, the co-op sandbox survival game set in a world of floating islands. Build any island into a skyship, your home in the clouds. Find lost knowledge, cure the fungal corruption, and brave the hurricane to restore the ecosystem.

Cozy Management Game Hotel Galactic Oozes Studio Ghibli Charm

Hotel Galactic is a cozy management game inspired by Studio Ghibli's classic pictures. Build the tourist destination of your dreams, oversee and unite your staff to forge a quirky family, and make new friends as you explore this wholesomely nostalgic world.

A Further Look at the Horrors in Still Wakes The Deep, Launching June 18th

1975. Disaster strikes the Beira D oil rig off the coast of Scotland. Navigate the collapsing rig to save your crew from an otherworldly horror on the edge of all logic and reality.

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse During a Texas Heatwave in Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days, Demo Out in October

Texas, 1980. Walton City has fallen to a zombie outbreak. Lead a band of desperate survivors from refuge to refuge by scavenging, crafting, and fighting in a relentless struggle for survival. Plan wisely, stick together, and — above all — keep moving if you want to make it out alive.

How Will You Live Your Life in a Procedurally Generated City in Streets of Fortuna?

Use your wits to survive the generated chaos that is living in the Streets of Fortuna. A free-roaming sandbox game about growing from a street rat to a tradesman, a priest, a smuggler, an alchemist, a spy, or perhaps someday a leader to rival the Overlord.

Every Day We Fight Looks like a WW2 XCOM

Caught in a time loop, your band of resistance fighters is humanity’s last hope. Real-time exploration meets turn-based tactics and rogue-lite strategy as you learn new abilities, seek out new weapons, and develop new techniques to overcome the mysterious alien threat.

Form a Cult by Yourself or With Friends in Worship

Incite the end of the world as a devout zealot of an eldritch god in this multiplayer Pikmin-inspired roguelite. Don the robes of a cultist, perform bloody rituals, and expand your influence over an army of followers in this cute yet grim world. Is your devotion strong enough to please the Old Ones?


And that's it for the PC Gaming Show 2024! There were plenty of games shown at the event, and in order to keep this article reasonable, I had to cut a few out here and there, especially smaller games shown in the montages. If you do want to go and check out the entire PC Gaming Show yourself, you can do so by watching it here!

I hope you found this round-up of the headlines from the PC Gaming Show helpful, let us know if there were any games that stood out to you during the show in the comments below!

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