Can't get enough of games like Factorio and Satisfactory, but you want to try something a bit different? Learning Factory may be your way to go. This cozy, but complex builder from the devs behind While True: Learn () will see you creating an automated factory that not only helps you grow, but you will also need to meet client's needs and grow your empire. The game will see you learning about machines, logistics, and other technologies as you advance, and with the newest update, you will be able to do this more easily on the Steam Deck.


In the new update released a couple of days ago, we have some new partial Steam Deck support. This includes improved UI and Help menus, as well as auto-calling the keyboard when it's necessary. There is also a new special type of mouse pointer that was added specifically for the Deck, making it better to use on the handheld.

Other than that, we also have a solid amount of new content for the game. A new building, two new upgrades for the Underground Zeppelin, a new Mod type to create your own cat researcher, and some increased rewards for requests. There was also some graphics an audio improvements, and a solid amount of QoL and performance optimization all around!

You can check out the full changelog on their Steam Community Post.

Learning Factory is currently on sale until March 4th at $9.74. It has a native Linux build and is rated Steam Deck Playable due to showing incorrect controller icons, small in-game text, and manual display resolution settings. It does mention you need to manually invoke the on-screen keyboard, but that should be fixed with this new update.

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