Dp you have too many games in your Heroic Launcher library and want to organize them a bit more cleanly? Well The Heroic Launcher just got a new update that brings in a wealth of improvements and fixes, as well as a way of adding your own user-defined categories and a re-designed filter selector.

The Heroic Games Launcher is a community-made, open-source launcher that connects to Epic, GOG, and Amazon Prime and allows you to access and play your games through it. You can find the launcher on the Discover Store and install it through Desktop Mode.

Adding New Categories

In Heroic Games Launcher's 2.11.0 update, codenamed Kumachi, the focus seems to have been on making it easier to organize your library, which is especially nice as the selection of games grow with each new free Epic and Amazon Prime game offered. With each game, you will be able to assign a category where, if you choose, you are able to add a new one to select from.


Filter Improvements

As for organization, the team has updated their filtering to make it easier to not only see which games you own, but also your defined categories. You can filter by library, supported operating system, and even show favorites or installed games only.


There were also a good chunk of visual issues that were fixed, as well as anti-cheat runtimes now being enabled by default. There's also a little improvement added for the Heroic Launcher to detect if the system is a Steam Deck OLED. Overall, this is a nice, welcome update that I welcome with the growing library of Epic Games to play on the Steam Deck.

Heroic Games Launcher 2.11.0 Update Changelog:

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