If you love the battle royale genre and are looking for a change up to the usual shooting gameplay, Headbangers: Rhythm Royale is a game you should absolutely be looking at. The game focuses instead on rhythm-based mini-games, where keeping to the beat and memorizing will be your key to victory. Yesterday, Season 3 was released, bringing with it a new game mode and mini-game, but with it came a nice feature that Steam Deck users will definitely appreciate.

HeadbangersRhythmRoyaleStock3 1

If you are a Steam Deck user and you have a desktop PC as well (or other handhelds), Steam's cloud save feature is necessary. Allowing us to easily upload our saves without thinking about it and automatically syncing/downloading them on any other device logged into your Steam account. And with this update, we can now take full advantage of the cloud save feature for Headbangers.

As for the new season, we have the Guitar Hero-esque Battle of the Dancers mini-game, a new ranked mode, voting options, expanding on the music genres included, a new challenge skin, a free 30-tiered battle pass, and a refresh to the in-game shop. With the cloud saves included, it feels like a great reason to jump back in and get some new free cosmetics!

You can check out the full update log on the Steam Community Post.

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale is 50% off right now until April 15th for $9.99 and is currently rated Steam Deck Playable due to some small in-game text. Otherwise, the game works great!

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