The developers for Enshrouded over at Keen Games have just dropped their Early Access Roadmap, essentially detailing all the things they wish to do with Enshrouded during 2024, before its big release in 2025. Amongst the list is support for our beloved Steam Decks!

Want to have a look at the roadmap for yourself? Check it out below, it is a big image, so you can click on it to expand and zoom in.


The highlights for us are definitely specific support for Steam Decks, and also the performance improvements that are promised, these two things go hand in hand. As we noted in our review of Enshrouded last month, the game does have some performance issues on the Steam Deck, so getting a better experience there would be great.

Best of all, those 2 enhancements are in the "short-term" goals section, so we should hopefully start to see progress in this area sooner rather than later. The rest of the updates are also great to see. I'll be honest, I didn't even process that Enshrouded lacked water when I was reviewing it, but now that I think about it, I wasn't able to fish at all!

Having additional NPCs in the world would also be a huge boost for the game, as the game feels eerily empty and lifeless at times.

This roadmap is promising, and I hope that the developers achieve everything they've laid out for themselves here, we wish them all the best!

Enshrouded is available on Steam for $29.99, it holds "Very Positive" user reviews, but is rated as "Unsupported" on Steam Deck due to performance issues even with low graphics settings. We agree that the game is "barely playable" as it stands on the Steam Deck.

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