The upcoming fighting game Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age is getting another playtest next month. On December 13th, players will be treated to 3 weeks more playtime, spanning December 13th to January 3rd. There's a ton of new content coming, so this may be the perfect time to try it out!


Publisher Modus Games has shared that this next playtest will be getting the following new content added to the game:

  • 2 New Characters join the existing 4 already shown.
  • A Free-For-All Mode for 4 players, in addition to the game's traditional 2v2 setup.
  • A new mechanic for fallen characters is also promised
  • New stages to fight on

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age is a 2D, traditionally 2v2 fighting game, which relies on teamwork and cooperation to secure the win. With good teamwork, you can extend combos and shut down your enemy's ability to retaliate. The game runs on a '3 lane system', meaning you can duck and dive in and out of your opponent's lane to dodge and recover from attacks. The developer also promises a near lag-less experience thanks to their rollback netcode with local play for up to 4 players available too.

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age is due to launch next year on Steam, so be sure to hop on next month and give it a go if this sounds like your kind of game. The full release even promises a Story mode, so it's not just a multiplayer title. From the system requirements, it seems it may be hard to run on the Steam Deck, but with cloud saves and full controller support, it looks like it oculd be worthwhile to try.

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