In Classified: France `44, you take control of an elite team of Allied forces in Nazi-occupied France in the run-up to D-Day. It's your job to build a resistance network and destabilize the occupation to be ready for the Allied invasion. Are you up to the task when Classified: France `44 launches on March 5th?

This tactical turn-based strategy game aims to bring an authentic WW2 experience, where every shot can have an effect on the enemies and your own troop's morale.

Check out the release date trailer below:

Build your team from a mix of characters, each with their own story to tell. Train them to use a variety of weapons and raise their morale by getting to know each of them. You'll take part in over 45 missions, with the game having 15 different endings depending on how successful your resistance campaign is.

Not only that, players can use the 'Classified System' to create and share their own missions with the game's community, allowing for endless replayability.

So are you ready to employ a variety of combat tactics including stealth, ambushing, flanking, and wearing down enemy morale in order to win the war?

Classified: France `44 will launch on Steam on March 5th for $34.99 for the Standard Edition. A demo is available right now. It will have full controller support and the system requirements are fairly low, so the Steam Deck should be able to run it at reasonable settings and frame rate.

A Deluxe Edition, including the Base Game and the 1st DLC, is available to pre-order for $39.99. Whereas the Overlord Edition, which is available for $49.99, includes the Base Game and all 4 upcoming DLCs.

What do you think of this new title from Team17? Let us know in the comments below!

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