While it hasn't been the same since it began, one of the few franchises I was extremely excited to play through on the Steam Deck was Assassin's Creed. There was something really cool about Assassin's Creed Liberation when I played on the PS Vita, and I wanted to see if that feeling was still there. For the most part, it was, and I had a great time playing through most of the games this way. And if you are looking to do the same, you may be able to cross a game off of your list!

Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed Syndicate through Ubisoft Connect for free right now until December 6th, so there's still a lot of time to get the game added to your account now. All you have to do is go to this page and log into your Ubisoft Connect account. Once you do that, you just add the game to your library, and you are free to keep it forever!


As for how it runs on the Steam Deck, it is playable with some tweaks from Steam, but since this is Ubisoft Connect directly, the issue won't be there. To install Ubisoft Connect and control with a gamepad without issue, I recommend following our guide, which details how to install 3rd party launchers using a script. Once you do that, you can launch Ubisoft's launcher through Game Mode and play without issue!

Otherwise, if you want to get the game on Steam, it is currently on sale for $7.49 for the next 16 hours. It is rated as Playable there due to the launcher and the game displaying compatibility warnings, but it does work. It will need an internet connection on the first-time setup. And thank you to @dopeyish for bringing this giveaway to our attention!

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