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We have been working on the specifics for awhile here, but I am pleased to announce that our official Reddit page is now live! This is another avenue where we can host events and communicate directly with the community, as well as everyone to interact with each other. I am sure you have a few questions, so let me answer them here!

We are a bit new to Reddit and it will take some time to grow as we use it more and start up more events. But we have many plans for it, so join in and post!

Why Make a Reddit Page?

Well Reddit is a unique forum that gives us the ability to host designated posts that have easy access to people commenting. With the community being able to make these posts too, we can facilitate discussions and interesting topics that we can all partake in.

What Makes The SteamDeckHQ Subreddit Special?

Not only do we plan to host unique events like "What if Wednesdays" and "Show Off Sundays", but we also want to create an open and positive atmosphere where you can post what you want to. We know that some subreddits tend to take down great posts and offer no reason, that is something we won't do. We want our community to have the freedom to post without fear.

On top of that, we will also have special flair that will give people the chance to post their own settings list or guide! Our website focuses on curated content that comes from our reviewers, but we know having community implementation can be important! Reddit will be the first step to that while we look into ways to integrate on the website.

What Content Can be Posted There?

Any content relating to the Steam Deck, gaming, and Linux in general! Any other kind of content doesn't really fit within our parameters for the subreddit. But if you have content that just relates to gaming in general, or other handheld PCs like the ROG ALLY, you can post about it. Our flairs include:

  • Megathread - (MOD ONLY) This flair is marked for posts that we expect a large amount of similar responses to, like a big discussion thread. We won't use this often, but it does allow us to consolidate when we may have a large number of similar posts for the same topic
  • SDHQ Official - (MOD ONLY) This will note any official posts coming directly from the SDHQ team
  • News - This is for any posts regarding news you find that relates to the Steam Deck, gaming, and Linux. For these posts, you MUST link to the article or source you found the news from.
  • Community Build - Post your own list of settings for how you run your games on the Deck Community
  • Community Guide - Post your own guide on how you got something to work on the Steam Deck, like setting up GamePass streaming or getting Lutris up and running
  • Memes/Shitposting - Any memes or random deck/game-related random stuff you want to post
  • Accessories/Hardware Mods - Any posts relating to accessories or your own hardware modifications will have this flair
  • Question/Tech Support - Any questions you have or asking for help, use this flair
  • Discussion - Just want to start a discussion about a game, the Deck, a feature, or something else? Use this one!
  • Media - Any Deck/Game-related videos you find, use this flair to post.

What Are the Rules for the Subreddit?

Currently, we have 5 rules and these are subject to change at any time. We don't want to create an excessive amount of rules and restrict the community, but we also want to protect against spam or hateful posts:

  1. No Racism, Sexism, or Hate of Any Kind Towards Another Person
  2. Keep Posts Related to Steam Deck, Gaming, and Linux
  3. No Excessive Self-Promotion (Less than 25% of personal posts)
  4. No Discussions/Posts of Illegal or Pirated Content (Emulation discussions are OKAY as long as they don't go into details about pirated or illegal content)
  5. No Posts Regarding Buying, Selling, Giveaways, or Begging

We will always offer a reason if your post is taken down and will respond as soon as we can to any questions. If you feel we have made a mistake, you can appeal and we will offer more detail on our decision or, if we were wrong and misunderstood, we will reinstate. The mods are people and we make mistakes, but we will always own up to it and be respectful.

We know Reddit can be a bit of a downer and negative place sometimes, but we will be trying our best to cultivate a positive atmosphere and one that everyone can enjoy being a part of.

Who Are the Moderators?

Currently we have 3 active moderators:

BBQKITTY - This one is me! I created SDHQ and will be overseeing Reddit!

PilotRakuen - A community moderator who is helping with Reddit, and a little bit with Discord

Cryobyte33 - A well-known Steam Deck YouTuber who makes incredible Deck Dives, and create the CryoUtilities toolset!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment below or let us know in Discord! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the Reddit page and bare with us as we grow more and more. Thank you!

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