Today, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trail's English language support has officially arrived, and while this is a wonderful update in itself, it seems there was a little more added to it. Along with the new update, specific Steam Deck optimizations were added to the game, allowing it to run the best it possibly can on the handheld device.

LegendOfNayutaSteamDeck 1

Along with the English update for this JRPG, Nihon Falcom reviewed some of the improvements made with the PC release. This includes ultrawide aspect ratio, mouse and keyboard support, high-quality anti-aliasing, and unlimited draw distance. Then, they went into the new features added with the update. With the addition of the new language, we have in-game settings to toggle textures, support for UTF-8 installation paths, geometry fixes, and improved multi-controller support and settings UI.

Finally, we have Steam Deck-specific optimizations that include removing texture duplicates to reduce storage size by up to 40%, dynamic cloud sync support for swapping between multiple devices, and support for the 16:10 aspect ratio.

All of this is fantastic for playing on the go. We are currently working on our review for the game, which should be done tonight or tomorrow, but regardless, it is fantastic to see! I love the Trails series, and while this is a spin-off, I couldn't be happier. You can get The Legend of Nayuta on Steam now for $39.99.

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