Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open, the latest ghostly apparition from Cellar Vault Games and Chorus Worldwide Games, is releasing on PC via Steam on September 5th, 2024.

This is a narrative-driven visual novel about Ting, a young girl who can see spirits. Third Eye Open is the latest installment in the award-winning series. As Ting struggles to determine if her power is a blessing or a curse, she is joined by her young spectral companion, Xiu, and the two of them must overcome obstacles in both the physical and ethereal realms.

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open - Release Date Trailer

This coming-of-age story takes place over five formative years in Ting's life, during which she grapples with the reality that her powers set her apart from her classmates. As she tries to save her crumbling family, she must deftly avoid evil spirits and other dangers, solve intriguing puzzles, rescue lost souls, and navigate difficult conversations.

Along the way, will she be able to aid her loved ones and the wandering spirits? There will be competing spirits who seek Ting's assistance, but they all have hidden agendas, and Ting may find that they obstruct rather than assist her on her journey.

Third Eye Open's breathtaking "paper theatre" style takes its cues from Southeast Asian Joss papercraft. The narrative is rich with Malaysian folklore and tradition, permeating every aspect, from the settings and characters to the dialogue. Among many other things, you will go to the Morning Markets, become friends with an old monk, chow down on Nyonya Kuih and Lok Lok at the Night Market, and stay away from the stray spirits in the forest.

Add Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open to your Steam Wishlist, or download the demo now! And with controller support and a non-demanding art style, we hope it will be great on the Steam Deck.

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