BORE BLASTERS, which we just recently talked about here on SDHQ, has just gotten a release date reveal! This action-mining Roguelike will tunnel its way into your Steam Decks on March 8th! A demo for the game is available as part of the Steam Next Fest right now, so definitely check it out if you're interested in the game.

We've also been treated to a new gameplay trailer alongside this announcement, so check it out:

This looks like a bit of hectic fun to me, and I can't wait to try it out for myself soon! As is often the case with Roguelikes, you will have the chance to upgrade your gyrocopter between runs, but you'll also find temporary upgrades within levels that will help you to survive.

Fight through procedurally generated caverns against a diverse range of enemies and a variety of upgrades, helping every run feel fresh and unique. Then explore the overworld in order to uncover deeper and more dangerous mineshafts.

BORE BLASTERS is meant to be played in short 5-15 minute runs, depending on how long you last, so it's ideal for battery-powered devices like the Steam Deck. Being at 20% battery and still being able to pick this game up and do a run is pretty cool.

BORE BLASTERS launches onto Steam on March 8th. A demo is available now as part of the Steam Next Fest.

Steam Deck compatibility is touted as a selling point for the game, so we're expecting it to work very well on the Steam Deck. We have full controller support, as well as a native Linux build of the game coming at launch, so we shouldn't have any compatibility problems.

Are you excited about the launch of this new Roguelike title built with the Steam Deck in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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