One of the games I have fond memories of from my early years on Steam is Beat Hazard. I remember plugging in my own music and crushing enemies in colorfully explosive combat to the beats of my songs, and I thought it was the coolest. Now, Beat Hazard 3 is out in early access with procedural 3D ship generation and support for live music streaming services thanks to its "Open Mic" system. And the newest update is bringing in some new Steam Deck support as it aims for that green checkmark.


In the latest update, we have some specific fixes as the developer is aiming for Steam Deck Verified. This includes adding Steam Deck controller icons, the Steam keyboard appearing for text entry (though caps isn't working), and you can go back to the Start screen from the main menu now. On top of these, the UE4 crash reporter has been customized and PS5 controller setup has been added as the default setup.

Currently, Beat Hazard 3 is listed as Playable due to sometimes showingf the incorrect controller icons, so this update should fix the issues necessary for the green checkmark. It is hard for the game to hit 60 FPS on the device when a lot is happening on screen, but it does run! It is recommended to run the game in Desktop mode first as this is the only way to setup the Open Mic system properly.

Beat Hazard 3 is currently on sale for $13.10 until November 20th and is in Early Access.

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Noah Kupetsky
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