Yesterday, Darkest Dungeon 2 got a brand new update that rebalanced the abilities and paths for heroes, as well as adding in new trophies and Infernal Flames. On top of that, there were some nice quality-of-life improvements, and one of them should make playing on the Steam Deck right out of the gate much easier.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Steam Deck

When playing the game, there were times when the Steam Deck wouldn't recognize the gamepad and tried to default to keyboard and mouse controls. Now, there have been some improvements and polish to help the Deck prefer using the gamepad rather than defaulting to the keyboard and mouse controls. For newcomers to the game who don't want to play around with any settings, this will be very welcome.

As mentioned before, the update focuses primarily on the rebalancing of the heroes, which includes changing up their abilities and paths a bit. There were also four new trophies added, which can be found at each of the lair bosses, and four new Infernal Flames to play with. Infernal Flames are equipable and can change the difficulty of your journey with buffs and debuffs that can't be unequipped. It's a unique way to make your journey more difficult and keep things interesting.

You can view the full changelog over on the Steam Community Post.

Darkest Dungeon 2 is available now on multiple storefronts, including:

You can also get the game bundled with the original Darkest Dungeon for $33.73 on sale right now.

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