For those of you waiting to play Rust on the Steam Deck, Garry Newman, owner of Facepunch Studios, provided an update as to Linux/Steam Deck compatibility. Through an exchange on Twitter, user @JiriStefka asked Garry about updates on Rust for Linux, to which he replied:

Earlier today, GamingOnLinux followed up asking if having Steam Deck compatibility would justify it and asking for clarification on the issues. This prompted Garry to go into more detail about spreading EAC thin and reducing effectiveness on the Windows side of the anti-cheat:

Rust on Steam Deck

While we do want to see Rust on Steam Deck, for some games, it is more than just a simple switch on or off. This could also be an explanation as to why games like Dead by Daylight or even Destiny 2 are taking their time to either implement support or outright ban it. It is always good to get all the information before jumping to conclusions. We just hope that other studios will be as open about the issues as Garry is.