A little slice of wonderful news today, especially for fans of the Postal series. Today, we got official confirmation that Postal 4 and Postal Brain Damaged are both going to be getting support for Linux! After a wonderful discussion with MikeJ, the Chief Bidet Officer (yes, this was his introduction), through the official Running With Scissors Twitter account, they confirmed to us that both games are getting Linux support:

Postal 4 confirmation

We originally heard this was a possibility through one of our Patrons, Kazuki~sensei, and we just had to follow up. After the confirmation, we had a very non-productive conversation after being threatened to be taken to the High Butthole Court for not having our own CBO. And incase you are curious, yes, they are a joy to talk to. There is no release date yet for these as they want to focus on optimization first, but they will be coming.

We followed up asking if there will be any optimizations or additions patched into Postal 4 or Brain Damaged down the line, including FSR 2.0 support, but have not gotten a reply yet. We will update this article accordingly when we hear back!

Postal 4 is on sale right now for $32 and rated Playable (use Proton Experimental or Proton GE) while Brain Damaged is on sale for $16 and rated Playable, but runs like a charm! The sale for both of these games end on September 26th, so make sure to grab them before the sale ends!

What do you guys think? Will you be picking up these games? Excited to hear Linux support is coming? Let us know in the comments!