After its successful Cross-Play Open Beta, HAWKED is officially making its way to its early access release on PC, which will give everyone the chance to dive into the free-to-play PvPvE shooter as it is being developed and fine-tuned for the full release.

While the game is planned to be free, the team still decided to go the Early Access route as they are developing. Andy Duthie, executive producer for HAWKED, took the time to release a statement regarding this decision:

With HAWKED we want to have an open and interactive development process that puts community feedback in a central position. After the positive feedback and excellent results of our Open Beta, we feel that Early Access is an important stepping stone in our road towards launch. We want to keep building towards making HAWKED the most fun and approachable extraction-shooter on the market as we make our way to a full release, and having our players be part of this journey is making it an absolute joy.

Andy Duthie - Executive Producer for HAWKED

Along with the early access release, the developer, MY.GAMES announced a new campaign to go along with the release. The "Renegade Rally" campaign will have players enlist and receive rewards and a chance to win special prizes, with one of them including a lifetime supply of the game's premium currency. The more people that join, the better the rewards and everyone that joins will receive a free 7-day trial for the GRAIL+ Premium status.

I am really digging how HAWKED is shaping up to be. I love the gameplay loop of scavenging guns and ammo, fighting others and monsters, utilizing abilities to take out other teams or solve puzzles to secure the artifact you are tasked to recover, and a nice progression system to boost your character and build them in ways you want to. I can see this being a highly cooperative experience that will feel especially rewarding when working together with your friends.

HAWKED will be available for Early Access on Steam starting November 30th, but you can play now during the open beta. Currently, it isn't running on Linux through Proton, so it may have some trouble on the Steam Deck right now. I did inquire about Steam Deck support, so hopefully, we will hear back soon. Regardless, the game looks awesome and I can't wait to dive in!

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