Are you someone who likes golf? No? Well, neither does our protagonist in the next game being given away for free from Epic! Cursed to Golf is Epic's 8th free game they are giving away for the holidays, and while our protagonist, The Cursed Golfer, may not be a fan, the game looks extremely fun to play overall!


Taking the golfing scene and putting a roguelike spin on it, Cursed to Golf will take you through 2D courses where you will need to hit the ball within par, or you will be sent back to the beginning to try again. The 70 courses are filled with fans, spikes, TNT, teleporters, and much more, but you will have your own power-ups to help navigate each of the randomly ordered courses spread across 4 biomes.

The game is rated Playable for the Steam Deck due to small text, but otherwise seems to run very well! Per reports on ProtonDB, it should work perfectly out of the box without needing to change a thing, so I think this will be a great game to add to your Deck libraries!

You can get Cursed to Golf for free to keep on Epic for the next 11 hours before the next game unlocks, and this one goes back to its sale price. You can redeem the game on the Epic Games Store. To play games from Epic on the Deck, you will need to either install the Heroic Games Launcher, which you can find on the Discover Store, or install the client directly, which you can do easily through a 3rd party script.

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