Early today, DeckHD, a 1200p alternative screen with better colors that you can install to your Steam Deck, went on pre-sale for waitlist subscribers. It only took 5 minutes for those pre-sale screens to sell out, showing the demand for the screen is there.


If you weren't lucky enough to grab one, don't worry! An official launch for the screen will be taking place next week as per their ETA from the discord announcement. An exact date hasn't been given just yet, but it should be launching for everyone very soon.


I haven't had the chance to try out the DeckHD screen for myself, mainly due to me not being in the US during the time I was supposed to have it sent, but I did talk about it with Cryobyte33 and speculate. I do love seeing more products come to the market to customize the Steam Deck how we want, but with limited power and needing to modify the BIOS, it comes with a price. It will be interesting to see how the screen is received by those who purchased it and how it's utilized in the wild!

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