With storage being so limited on the Steam Deck, and being able to use MicroSD cards to expand it, there have been countless ways that have been created to carry them around. From extra spots in cases to dedicated external holders, we have seen so many ways to do it...but this one feels just a tad bit different.

While scouring Reddit, we noticed a post by user Main_Cash4659 who put together a pretty ingenious and easy way to carry around your extra MicroSD cards. Using a couple products and some adhesive, they were able to put a credit card holder on the back of the Steam Deck and put in a credit card sized SD card holder there too!

Using a card holder ($10) that is made to attached to the back of phones and a 10 slot credit card sized MicroSD holder ($7 currently), this user was able to create a pretty cool way to carry around extra MicroSD cards at a cheap price!

I did also ask a couple questions about the makeshift way to hold SD cards. The user mentioned that the adhesive is sturdy and isn’t hard to take off, but could leave some residue. They mention that the residue is easy to scrape off though, so I would recommend using this on a hard shell case rather than on the back of the naked Steam Deck. It also does add a little bit to the size when putting it in a case, but the user believes it doesn’t add that much, but will be testing and getting back to us later.

Overall, for a relatively cheap way to carry around MicroSD cards, this is pretty ingenious. I’m going to be trying this one out myself this week!

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