With Valve showing us first-hand how to open up and modify the internals of the Steam Deck, the community has been finding ways to inject their own style into their device. This usually comes in the form of skins, but we have seen back and front plate changes, as well as shoulder button configurations. Now, we can take it a step further with a new product to give you more control over how your buttons look.


From the same person behind the TouchProtect pads for your trackpads, we have DeckButtons. These will allow you to customize further how your Steam Deck looks by replacing the ABXY, Dpad, Steam, Quick Access, Start, and Select buttons with one of 8 unique designs, which can range in price. And yes, these are compatible with the stock and aftermarket shells from JSAUX and eXtremeRate:

There are also 4 Dpad designs that you can get to mix and match with the button set. Yes, the button set does come with its own Dpad, but you can get these special designs as a standalone, too:

Each button and Dpad are made of urethane Resin, which is strong and durable while taking color and being nice to feel. They do require some installing, which will mean taking the shell off of your Deck, but the results speak for themselves! You can follow the Stock Shell or Aftermarket Shell guide to ensure everything is put on correctly.

We were also sent a unique DeckButton set, which looks amazing but is possibly lost in the mail, and we have yet to receive it. I believe a secondary set has been sent out, and I am watching the tracking like a hawk, but a huge thank you to the creator for thinking about us and making something custom-tailored. We can't wait to try these out for ourselves!

The button sets are on a $10 off sale for the launch and range in price from $39.99 - $49.99 right now. The Dpads are $5 off each for the launch and range from $19.99 - $24.99. The button sets have free shipping in the US, while the DPads will have free shipping if the order is over $40.

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