Great On Deck: Web Browser Extension

SDHQ ratings and reviews can now be integrated into your web browser while looking at Steam's store pages, thanks to a browser extension for Firefox and Chromium browsers created by Discord member Cptpiepmatz!
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Steam Deck Crankshaft Plugin

Crankshaft lets you install and create plugins to add more functionality to your Steam client. You can download the plugin through the "Get Plugin" tab in Crankshaft.

Once installed, go to a game page. If we have written a review for it, a widget will appear in the bottom right off the cover photo with our SDHQ rating.

You can tap on the rating to be taken to the review for that game, where you can see our recommended build, written review, and game info!

Note: Crankshaft has not been updated since December 2022. It has been reported to have been depreciated and no longer works with Steam Deck.