Developer Long Jaunt has signed on with Hooded Horse to publish their upcoming Medieval Story Generator 'Norland'. They plan to release the game into Early Access on Steam in May.

Inspired by the likes of Rimworld, Crusader Kings, and the Caesar series. Norland aims to generate complex stories around the themes of class society, crime, religious conflict, economic issues, and more! The reveal trailer for the game just dropped, so check it out!

In Norland, you will take control of a new noble family, as you try to grow your fledgling kingdom while tackling the societal issues of the day, whether they be economic, religious, or political in nature. Not only that, but neighboring kingdoms need to be considered too, whether you choose to ally yourself with them and do trade, or go to war and attempt to control them for yourself, it's up to you!

Norland looks like a pretty deep simulator for the creation of Medieval stories and given how a lot of the appeal of games such as Rimworld is rooted in a degree of roleplay and getting attached to certain characters, we can definitely see what Norland is aiming for here.

Norland is planning a May release into Early Access on Steam. Although we have no final word on Steam Deck compatibility, users reported in the December playtest that the game did run fine on the Steam Deck, with readable text and workable controls. The developers stated around the same time that they don't plan to officially support the Deck at launch, but would like to further into the Early Access period.

Are you excited about the release of Norland in May? This looks like it could create plenty of interesting stories, let us know in the comments below!

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