After releasing with a paid model in September 2023, the multiplayer horror game Deceit 2 has decided to opt for a change to a free-to-play model.

Those who have already purchased the game will receive the first DLC pack, known as the Werewolf Pack, for free. They will also receive 3 Crypt-Keys, which are in-game currency, alongside a Pass for Season One of the game.

The Werewolf Pack contains a new Terror, Player Role, Item, and Map, pictured below.

The first Season will begin on April 3rd, adding new cosmetics. Each season is planned to last around 2 months.

Deceit 2 is your standard social deduction kind of game, most players are "Innocent" and must find a way to escape, however, there are "Terrors" among them, who must prevent their escape. Wreaking havoc among it all is the "Cursed", who have their own agenda, separate from both the Innocent and Terrors.

The developers at World Makers admit the decision to change Deceit 2 to a free-to-play model wasn't easy, but they felt that it was for the best to ensure more players could play the game.

Deceit 2 has struggled with player numbers since launch, with Steamcharts reporting that the game hasn't broken 100 players so far in 2024, until today, when it has reached over 200 players so far. Hopefully, going F2P is the boost that Deceit 2 needs to get itself going again.

The game holds "Mixed" reviews on Steam, and is rated as "Playable" on the Steam Deck, due to some text being small and the game requiring you to manually enable controller support in the settings.

What do you think, are you going to give Deceit 2 a chance now that it's free-to-play? Let us know in the comments below.

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