With so many games coming out, we are always excited to hear about new ones specifically having support for the Steam Deck! Today, we reached out to Unfold Games, the developer and publisher for DARQ and confirmed that their upcoming game, Bloody Hell Hotel, will have support for the Deck!

This was confirmed in Twitter DMs that we exchanged with Unfold Games. While they couldn't provide more specific details, as Bloody Hell Hotel is still heavy in development, but they did confirm that they not only plan to have full Steam Deck support, but are actually developing with the Steam Deck in mind. They currently are only working on a Windows version that will be compatible with Proton, but are also open to a native Linux build if there is demand for it.

You can currently wishlist Bloody Hell Hotel on Steam!

It looks absolutely phenomenal and has so much going for it so far. Here is a brief description of the game from the Steam Store page:

In Bloody Hell Hotel, you embody a vampire. You wake up from a coma that has lasted for centuries, only to find your once-grand estate is now in ruins. It's time to turn it into a prosperous hotel! It's no easy task, though, as times are tough and resources are scarce. There are shortages of food, supplies, and workforce. Being a blood-thirsty monster doesn't help with customer satisfaction either. Luckily, underneath the estate lies a crypt and a system of caves. By foraging, farming, crafting, and fighting your way through the monster-infested dungeons, you'll find the resources you need to restore greatness to your mansion and turn it into a thriving hotel business.

You can also view the announcement trailer for it here. It is personally one of the games I am most looking forward to next year!

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