AYANEO has officially launched its new AYANEO SLIDE device. You can sign up for their Indiegogo campaign to receive alerts on when it's available for sale and an early bird discount.

We have a lot of details to go over on this new device, so let's take a look!



The APU:

The AYANEO SLIDE features the same AMD Ryzen 7 7840U we've grown accustomed to in many newer handheld devices. It's also found in AYANEO's KUN handheld, and its performance is similar to the AMD Z1 Extreme APU used in the ASUS ROG Ally. In short, right now, it's one of the best APU's on the market.

The Screen:

The SLIDE has a modestly sized 6" IPS LCD display, running at 1080p. This gives us a rather impressive 368PPI, which should deliver crisp-looking visuals. The Pixels-Per-Inch is higher than both the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, which results in better image quality overall. A bonus is that the screen can be adjusted slightly, allowing you to get the right viewing angle for your situation. Max brightness is also advertised as 400 nits.


The Keyboard:

One thing that immediately sets the AYANEO SLIDE apart from its many competitors is that it hides a keyboard under that screen we just discussed. A constant issue with using Windows on a handheld is the difficulty using standard Windows hotkeys. Hopefully, having a keyboard like this will alleviate some of those issues. The keys seem reasonably sized for those accustomed to compact keyboards, and it has a nice array of keys, including CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, TAB, a Windows key, and your Function (F1-12) keys.


Design & Colours:

The AYANEO SLIDE looks like it'll be a joy to hold. The device has a molded grip to fit into your hands, and the controls seem decently spread apart so you won't accidentally hit the wrong buttons or nudge an analog stick (something I struggle with on mobile gamepads).

We're getting the choice between a couple of colors here, either a White or Black main color, each with Orange accents. Personally, I love how the black one looks right now.

For controls, the AYANEO features Hall-Sensor Joysticks and Triggers, which are becoming a staple of the modern handheld. We're also getting gyro controls and the usual D-Pad and face buttons but no touchscreen.

The Cooling:

If you have innocent eyes, then look away because the AYANEO SLIDE may have the biggest gaping vent you ever did see. In a similar configuration to other handhelds, the SLIDE has an intake vent on the back of the device, funneling air through to a gigantic vent that covers a large portion of the top of the device. AYANEO promises this delivers extraordinary performance, and we're inclined to agree that this should keep the powerful APU at a reasonable temperature.


Sound, Expansion/Ports & Software:

The AYANEO SLIDE has stereo speakers firing from the bottom of the device rather than front-facing. In terms of expansion and ports, we have a USB-C port on both the top and the bottom of the device, which is always lovely to see. The SLIDE also has a 2280 M.2 NVMe using PCIe 4.0, so finding a replacement or upgrade for your SSD should be easy. We also have a Micro SD card slot, which supports a high SD card version, so you'll get the most out of almost any Micro SD card currently on the consumer market.

The SLIDE also uses AYANEO's new AYASpace 2.0 software, which, according to Noah Kupetsky, SDHQ's CEO, when he covered the AYANEO KUN last month, is a nifty piece of software.

All-in-all, the AYANEO SLIDE is bringing another type of device to the handheld PC market, offering some much-needed competition to GPD's 'handheld-with-a-keyboard' devices. We're excited to see where this goes and how well it performs when it starts shipping. Remember, you can head to Indiegogo and register your interest to receive an email when the AYANEO SLIDE is available for purchase. There is no word on the price just yet, but we will know as soon as the campaign launches!


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