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I have said it many times and will say it again: I love how Moon Studios has been updating No Rest for the Wicked. In two weeks since its early access release, there have been six different hotfixes that all increase performance and make sizable differences to improve the game's playability. To top the two weeks off, we have our first full patch for the game, and it comes with a monumental amount of changes. There are also some great improvements for the Steam Deck, too.


Specifically, the new update improves the legibility of controller icons on the Steam Deck, and there were also significant further CPU and GPU optimizations. A ton of heavy places got some optimizations, like the prologue and Moutain Pass Gate Area, significant changes for content loading to reduce dropped frames, better handling of content off-screen, better rendering performance for GPU enhancements, and some streaming performance improvements.

All of these work well and improve performance and visual clarity on the Deck's smaller screen. I noticed that areas fluctuating at 30 FPS before were now completely solid. The improvements were enough to reduce the CPU and GPU requirements for the game, which is awesome.

There was also some cleaned-up content to decrease memory usage, which is probably the biggest issue with playing No Rest for the Wicked on the Steam Deck currently. Unfortunately, this doesn't fix the issue of crashes due to running out of RAM. You can change the UMA Buffer to 4G and use CryoUtilities to help mitigate this, but without it, there will still be some crashes. I do know this is something the team will be working on moving forward, and I have a lot of optimism for future patches.

Other than these, there were a lot of improvements across the board. We have some new quality-of-life changes, like updates for sorting gear and the last equipped food/quick item being saved, new character animations, increased slots in chests and cupboards, improved visual effects, improved collision and lighting, some polished NPC portraits, earlier housing access, and a plethora of bug fixes.

You can check out all of these for yourself on their forum post.

No Rest for the Wicked is available now in early access on Steam for $39.99.

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