steam deck client

The Deck got an update around 5 hours ago focusing on bug fixes specifically for the Steam Deck client. The update patch notes are as follows:

06/27/22 Patch Notes for Steam Deck Client

  • Fixed an issue where clicking in-game links when offline would get Steam Deck into a bad state
  • Fixed navigation issues in the game EULA dialog
  • Fixed crashing issue when deleting a screenshot
  • Fixed the controller configurator failing to load when Steam Cloud is disabled
  • Fixed configurator failing to load when encountering corrupted controller layout files
  • Fixed controller virtual menus being limited to 4 active menus
  • Fixed a bug causing the touchscreen to occasionally be stuck in mouse-emulation mode when accessing the configurator in-game

Any small client update is very much appreciated and I personally have had my touchscreen stuck in mouse-emulation mode, so seeing this is really welcome! You can check out the patch notes directly here.

Noah Kupetsky
A lover of gaming since 4, Noah has grown up with a love and passion for the industry. From there, he started to travel a lot and develop a joy for handheld and PC gaming. When the Steam Deck released, it just all clicked.
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