Well today, Valve seems to be celebrating the 1 year birthday this week and have put together a couple fantastic surprises for anyone who is on the fence about getting a Steam Deck themselves.

Steam Deck birthday

First, the Steam Deck is 10% off until March 23rd (when the Spring sale ends). This means the 64gb model will be $359, the 256gb model will be $476, and the 512gb model will be $584. This is the first sale that the Steam Deck has gone on, which is huge just in itself! This is absolutely the best time to get a Steam Deck if you are interested, with the 512gb model saving you around $65! Each device is in stock and will take 1-2 weeks to be delivered.


Next, we have startup videos! Valve has officially launched their Startup Movie point shop store. For 3,000 points each, you are able to change the startup video that is played when turning your Steam Deck on. There are 21 of them currently and they look fantastic! Saturn, Paddles, City Night, Turret Factory, and Relics all stand out to me, but I will be buying them all!

To get to these videos, and change them, you will have to go into your settings. There will be a "Customization" tab now where you can select your startup movie and even shuffle them if you have multiple!


On top of that, the Spring Sale has started today and man...there are so many amazing games to look at! We will have our recommendation list in the next day or 2, but there's a lot to look forward to! The sale ends on March 23rd. Congratulations to Valve for the first year of the Steam Deck!!

You can also view the post announcing all of this on Steam!

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