Beep beep! More Steam Deck verified/playable games have entered the ring! There was a solid amount of them, but here are the highlights we found that we feel deserve a spotlight!

Verified or Playable games do not automatically mean they work amazing right out-of-the-box. Some of these games still require work to optimize and play well.

Plate Up! (Verified)

Steam Deck Plate Up!

Have no fear, Plate Up! is here! By combining kitchen and restaurant management with strategic planning and development, Plate Up! is aiming to create a new combination of roguelite gameplay. Serve your patrons, upgrade your restaurant, and expand your goals as you go to new locations with persistent unlocks! And yes, you can do all of this in co-op! The game is $18 ($14 on sale until 9/26) on Steam!

Planet Zoo (Playable)


From the developers behind Planet Coaster and the original Zoo Tycoon, Planet Zoo will take you back into zoo management and simulation in some incredible ways. Build your entire zoo from scratch with near limitless creativity, but plan accordingly as what you place and where matters! Develop your zoo with research and if you start feeling in the need of inspiration, head over to the Steam workshop where you can see uploaded designs from the community. The game is $45 on Steam currently.

Inscryption (Playable)

Inscryption 1

I refuse to talk about this game as I don't want to spoil anything. The game is amazing, please...if you haven't...go check it out. It is $20 on Steam and rated Playable due to needing to enter some text with the virtual keyboard.

Disney Dreamlight Valley (Playable)


Ever wanted to play Animal Crossing but it was all Disney characters? Well you are in luck! The idyllic land of Dreamlight Valley has been afflicted by the Forgetting and only you can help bring the magic back! Be ready to garden with Wall-E, cook with Remy, or even go fishing with Goofy as you restore the Valley to its former glory, while customizing your house, landscape, and utilize thousands of decorative items to show off your style. The game is $30 and rated Playable due to needing to change some graphical settings for native resolution, small text, and needing to use the virtual keyboard. SDHQ made a review for DDV as well!

Wildermyth (Playable)


Get ready for a character-driven tactical RPG that brings back the good ol' tabletop days. In this procedurally-generated game, lead your band of heroes as they grow into unique and legendary fighters. With each hero having their own history and personality, each will feel distinct as your choices and combat skills shape their futures. And with the inclusion of multiplayer and Steam workshop, there's a lot of fun to have! The game is $25 and rated Playable due to entering text with virtual keyboard, small text, and needing a community controller layout.

People Playground (Playable)


This is a $10 game where you can set up your own scenes and have a ton of fun destroying ragdolls with wacky weapons and if you run out of options, a robust Steam workshop awaits you. Get it. The game is rated Playable due to needing the virtual keyboard to enter text, community controller layout, and some small in-game text.

Rivals of Aether (Verified)


Do you like Super Smash Bros. but wanted the ability to use custom characters like Hollow Knight, Among Us, and Barack Obama, this is the game for you. It is $30. Please get it. SDHQ did made a review as well and it is amazing.

Duskers (Playable)


In Duskers, you are a drone pilot who is trying to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe turned into a gigantic graveyard. Explore, upgrade, and fight dangerous creatures as you are forced to adapt and survive in this grim and procedurally generated world. Duskers is $20 and rated Playable due to needing the virtual keyboard to enter text, community controller layout, and some small in-game text.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (Verified)


Dragon's Dogma is an open world RPG that places a big emphasis on a dynamic combat experience that is both memorable and interesting. You embark in this massive world with 3 AI companions who not only learn from you as you fight, but can actually be shared amongst other players! And with expanded controller support, this game is not one to pass up. The game is usually $30, but on sale right now for $4.79 until 9/28.

Judgment + Lost Judgment (Verified)


Follow the insane life of disgraced lawyer turned detective Takayuki Yagami in two interesting stories taking place in the Yakuza universe. With an interesting story, noir narrative, and addicting combat, these games are a welcome addition to not only the PC library, but the Steam Deck one as well. SDHQ also reviewed both Judgment and Lost Judgment with recommended settings! The games are $40 and $60 respectively.

And that will be it for this list! Some awesome games here that we either reviewed or just will be some awesome experiences! What do you guys think? What games would you like to see Verified? Let us know in the comments!