Update 4/25/24: Another Crab's Treasure's rating was changed to Verified without the game needing any extra changes!

Another Crab's Treasure is one of those games you don't look at immediately, but you really should. It's got an intriguing concept, where you take control of a hermit crab who goes on a treasure hunt to buy back their repossessed shell. You will fight enemies in souls-like combat (yes, souls-like combat) and acquire new shells and abilities to help you get the treasure you need and explore the undersea world. And while we didn't have the chance to review it, though we may need to find the time for it soon, it is supposedly very playable on the Steam Deck and could be getting better.

Another Crab's Treasure on Steam Deck

On release, the game received a nice Steam Deck Playable badge, passing all of Valve's verification except for one part...small text. But, according to the Steam Community Post the team made to celebrate the release, they acknowledge some small text and vow to fix it ASAP! This makes it sound like they know where the issue lies or will be finding it, and I love seeing the care they have to make it as playable on the Deck as possible.

I can't say I am sure how it performs on the Deck due to not having played the game myself yet, but it seems like it should run alright, looking at the system requirements. I did see some reports of it being playable at 40 FPS with some minor drops to the 30s, but never below 30. If that's true, then I can see this being a wonderful experience overall, and I hope to find out for myself soon!

Another Crab's Treasure is 10% off at $26.99 until May 2nd to celebrate the release!

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