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This past week had a wonderful group of new Steam Deck Verified and Playable titles that have gotten their esteemed badges. Shin Megami Tensei V, Forgive Me Father 2, and Reigns Beyond lead the pack, making this week very eventful with some awesome released and upcoming games!

Here are the 9 highlights we found:

Verified or Playable games don't automatically mean they work amazing out of the box. Some of these games may require work to optimize and play well. Here are our thoughts on the Verified system and how it can be fixed.

Steam Deck Verified/Playable Highlights 4/15/24 - 4/21/24

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance (Verified)


Embark on this definitive version of the critically acclaimed Shin Megami Tensei V, massively expanded with a brand-new storyline featuring new locations, demons, and choices to make that will dictate the fate of all existence.

The game will be released on June 13 and can be pre-ordered for $59.99. It is rated Verified.

Forgive Me Father 2 (Verified)

ForgiveMeFather2Stock1 1

Embark on a journey into the darkest nightmares to restore your sanity. Blast your way through hordes of possessed enemies, unlock an arsenal of deadly weapons and unearthly abilities, and get ready to face even more Lovecraftian madness in this action-packed FPS sequel.

The game is in early access and costs $19.99. It is rated Verified.

Reigns Beyond (Verified) (SDHQ Review)

ReignsBeyond 10

As an intergalactic indie rock band, plot your rise to stardom, traveling from planet to planet and gig to gig on your quest for fame and fortune. Play local (and not-so-local) clubs throughout the galaxy, recruiting alien band members along the way, and rock out across the cosmos! But make sure you're managing your ship's resources and keeping your crew in check while on this stellar tour because one wrong decision may leave you dead in space!

The game is $4.99 and rated Verified.

Colony Survival (Verified)


Colony Survival is a unique first-person strategy game developed by a two-man team. Build your own colony in a voxel world. Command guards, farmers, miners and other colonists. Defend your colony against the horde of monsters that attacks every night!

The game is in early access for $24.99 and is rated Verified.

YIIK Nameless Psychosis (Playable)


Experience a sneak peek of YIIK I.V! Step beyond Alex Eggleston's story and become the Nameless Child, a young girl pushed from a mysterious tower. Guide her through a surreal dimension where she must find a way to save both the Good Brother and the Bad Brother.

The game is free to play and rated Playable due to needing to manually set the correct resolution.

Please, Touch The Artwork 2 (Verified)


A handpainted cozy hidden object adventure. Explore a surreal world. Collect items for its quirky inhabitants. Fix damaged paintings and solve casual puzzles. Help a lost skeleton painter find his way home. This game is short but 100% FREE (no ads, no dlc's).

The game is free to play and is rated Verified.

Hatsune Miku - The Planet Of Wonder And Fragments Of Wishes (Verified)


Miku and friends crash land on a mysterious planet during their space journey... There they meet many unique characters! Play all kinds of games to grant everybody's wishes!

The game is on sale at $23.99, 20% off, until May 5th. It is rated Verified.

Turbo Kid (Verified)


A nostalgic metroidvania adventure with insane weapons, skills, and pixel gore. Ride your BMX and blast your enemies as you discover the secrets of the Wasteland.

The game is $19.99 and is rated Verified.

[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ2 (Verified)


Become Ryu Hayabusa, the ninja who inherited the "Dragon Sword", a legendary blade, and once again experience high-speed ninja action in which you face battles all over the world. The game is also packed with additional features such as "Hero Mode", a mode in which the player will guard automatically when they are in a pinch.

This is part of the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection, which includes the first, second, and third entry in the series.

The game is part of the NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection for $39.99 and is rated Verified. This title did have some graphical artifacting issues on the Steam Deck in the past, so this may not be a great game to play on Deck.

And that's all for this week's highlights! You can also check out the last week's highlights, which include awesome games like Sky: Children of the Light, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, and Sons of Valhalla.

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