Head into new gritty worlds filled with ruffians in this cyberpunk and dystopian themed bundle from Fanatical! The Dystopian Dreams bundle is a build your own, so you will be able to select up to 7 of the 14 games being offered. With interesting titles like Velocity Noodle, RoboPhobik, and Golf Club Wasteland, this collection will invite you into new lands that you will need to claw your way out of:


Dystopian Dreams Bundle Choices:

Velocity Noodle (Unknown)
RoboPhobik (Unknown)
Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story (Playable/Native Linux)
Grapple Hoops (Unknown)
BitVault (Unknown)
VirtuaVerse (Playable/Native Linux)
Runout (Unknown)
VolticPistol (Unknown/Native Linux)
Synthwave Dream '85 (Unknown)
Golf Club Wasteland (Verified)
System Crash (Unknown, but reported playable)
Synergia (Playable/Native Linux)
Cosmic Star Heroine (Playable, but use Proton Experimental)
Retrowave (Unsupported, but reported working)

The bundle will allow you to choose 7 of these games for $5, 5 for $4, or 3 for $2.50. While I haven't personally heard of most of these games, I am definitely interested in checking out Grapple Hoops, Sense, and Golf Club Wasteland. And I can never say no to expanding my Steam Deck library with more awesome games!

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