AYANEO has many new products on the way out, and one of their specialty handhelds is officially live to order on Indiegogo! The AYANEO SLIDE is the company's full slide device, meaning you can slide the entire screen up to reveal a keyboard, and now, you can order one ahead of its December 2023 release. Interestingly, the early bird price probably excites me the most.


There are a couple of key parts that make this device one worth checking out. First, the design harkens back to the old cell phones, where you would slide the screen to reveal a full keyboard. This makes sense, considering it is a part of the AYANEO REMAKE concept. You can also angle the screen to rest your neck when using it. There's a button to push the screen out automatically, and it has been designed to be held comfortably in your hands.


Internally, we have the 7840U APU, which is comparable in power to the Z1 Extreme chip in the ROG Ally and Legion Go and has a 46.2Wh battery. This is larger than the Ally and slightly smaller than the Legion Go. It features Hall Effect joysticks and triggers, a 6-inch 1080p screen that covers 100% sRGB color gamut, 400nits brightness, and utilizes 7500MHz LPDDR5X memory.

It also has two USB-C ports, one on the top and one on the bottom, a Micro SD slot on the bottom, and weighs about 650g. It comes packed with WiFi 6E support, a new Triple Copper Tube cooling system, and utilizes Windows 11. It has a maximum 28W TDP and comes with AYASpace 2.0, one of my favorite management systems for a handheld.

We do have a more in-depth breakdown of the device if you'd like to read more about it.



There are currently 4 different AYANEO SLIDE models, but the two least expensive are probably the best deals I have seen from AYANEO. These are currently early bird prices, so these will be going until the campaign ends in 46 days:

  • 16gb RAM + 512gb SSD - $699
  • 32gb RAM + 512gb SSD - $799
  • 32gb RAM + 2tb SSD - $959
  • 64gb RAM + 2tb SSD - $1299

There are also two color models for each of these, black and white:


Personally, I think these are fantastic prices and stay aggressively competitive with other devices with similar power. The $699 price point, which is the same as the Ally and Go, keeps it in the conversation with them, and offering a 32gb RAM upgrade with $100 more is a phenomenal way to drive more eyes to it. The 2tb models are a bit on the pricey side, so I would personally stick with the 512gb and get a 1tb Micro SD card.

The Indiegogo campaign will be live for 46 more days with these prices, and I think it is worth looking into! There are also some little accessory packages you can get that include a controller, tomtoc bag, protective film, and more. Shipments should start going out in the middle of December. If you miss the old slide design, or just want a specialized handheld that can handle the power, I would heavily consider the AYANEO SLIDE.

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