A couple of days ago, AYANEO teased a new concept they are working on titled REMAKE. While not much else was known about it, it was clear it would have some sort of retro theme to it. Now, we know exactly what the concept is, what it entails, and the new products announced along with it. So, let's take a quick look at what was shown off today.



First, we gotta take a look at what this whole idea is. Basically, REMAKE is a product lineup with a specific theme to it: Retro. Throughout this lineup, there will be a commitment to retro culture, keeping it in line with different aspects of the older style that started off our technological boom. They have had similar styles for their older products, like the Retro Power line or color schemes for other handhelds, but this goes beyond a color scheme and will go into a complete style overhaul or functionally change them.


The first two products that are going into this new line of hardware is therr AYANEO SLIDE and FLIP/FLIP DS. These are two handhelds that the company has previously revealed that are part of this new lineup. Both devices fit though as they are based on the older concepts that were introduced as different tech was immerging. The SLIDE harkens back to the days of phones that could slide with a full keyboard underneath, while the FLIP goes back to the old flip phone style, with the dual-screen version heavily influenced by the Nintendo DS.

Both of these products will use the 7840U APU from AMD, putting it on par with devices like the ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go. The SLIDE's screen will also have the ability to be angled, while the FLIP will have an optical finger mouse. Both are due to release soon, with the SLIDE coming later this month.

Retro Mini PC AM01 and AM02

Next, AYANEO is diving into the Mini PC space. They are set to release two different products in this space, the AM01 and AM02. The former is inspired by the older Macintosh computers, while the latter seems to be modeled after the NES. Both versions of the device will have different processor and hardware configurations with a focus on a fantastic aesthetic design.

AM02 specifically is going to have a 2nd screen on it that will display information like the current time, but it can be integrated with software to unlock more capabilities. The AM01 is set to be officially released later this month, while no release date for AM02 has been set yet. The AM01 does have a pre-launch now on Indiegogo.

Pocket DMG

AYANEO has also decided to weave into the retro handheld market, going all in with a new vertical-style handheld. There isn't much information released about the product, nor are there screenshots, but it is mentioned that it will be a vertical device, making me believe we will see something akin to Anbernic's RG405v or the older GBA SP from Nintendo. It looks like AYANEO does have other plans for more products under the REMAKE lineup for vintage gaming, but nothing was announced yet.

The Retro Power Bank

Finally, we have a power bank that was designed by the AYANEO team in a retro-esque style. The mobile power bank looks awesome and looks like it will have a mini screen to note how full of a charge the bank has left. There isn't information about exactly how big the bank is just yet, but they do plan to release a diverse lineup of different accessories following this similar theme.

And that's all for this concept so far! It is definitely interesting to see how AYANEO is branching out, especially with products like these. I was already excited for the SLIDE and FLIP myself, but I love the design of those mini PCs. I am looking forward to seeing what those specs could be.

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