The Payday franchise is probably one of the few games I know of that has consistently been supported and updated for over ten years that isn't an MMO. It's one of the best co-op/multiplayer experiences since the 2nd game's release in 2013. Now, Starbreeze Studios is ready to move on to the next entry, and they're on a roll.

At Gamescom, I was lucky to try Payday 3, the next game in the franchise, and it is fantastic. The new visuals look great, and the gameplay is still as tight and addicting as the last game, but minor tweaks have enhanced the experience. I got to play the new heist that was announced, 99 Boxes, with Ice-T's involvement, and it was a blast. While some UI changes make the game feel more modern, my favorite changes are the ability to slide and the minor enhancements to make bullets feel more impactful. I love how the game is shaping up, and it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Starbreeze Studios has won 2 awards from Gamescom from their time at the event, the "Best PC Game" and "Most Entertaining Game" awards. On receiving these awards, Global Brand Manager and Head of Community Almir Listo had this to say:

With the launch less than a month out, these awards are a huge milestone for us at Starbreeze. We’ve been working hard on making PAYDAY 3 the best sequel possible. Receiving two gamescom Awards, ‘Best PC Game’ and ‘Most Entertaining Game,’ is a testament to what our team and our partner Deep Silver have accomplished together. We can’t wait for the world to get to play it. The 21st of September could not come soon enough.

Almir Listo

I saw many amazing games, but Payday 3 definitely deserves these awards. This will be an incredible time if the game is more of what I played at their booth.

You can pre-order Payday 3 on Steam right now for $40, and it will be released on September 21st of this year.

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