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Valve brought out the big guns yesterday, releasing two different updates for both the Steam Deck Client and SteamOS. And while they are mostly fixing bugs, it's nice just to see new updates coming out consistently.

With the client, non-steam games will show in the search results again, non-primary Steam library folders won't be forgotten, and the Radial Menu selection on Releasing when bound to Joystick has been fixed. There is also a change that restored the Switch Pro Controller's "Capture" button to be an available Gyro Activation Button.

As for SteamOS 3.6.3, an issue that would crash after using Keyboard/Mouse Steam Input bindings was fixed and a bug that wouldn't allow HDR to be selected in Halo Infinite was worked around. There is a known issue that switching sessions could cause the sound driver to crash, which needs a full system reboot to fix, but this is being looked at.

You can update these by going to the System settings on your Steam Deck. The SteamOS update will only be on the Preview branch though, so if you are on Stable or Beta, you will not get this.

Steam Deck Client 5/16/24 Changelog:


  • Fixed non-steam games not showing in search results.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in non-primary steam library folders to be forgotten.
  • Fixed a 'long_value' error when viewing the controller configurator under some conditions.

Steam Input

  • Reverted Joystick Deadzone "Raw/None" behavior to "Controller Default"
  • Fixed Radial Menu selection on Release when bound to Joystick.
  • Fixed Controller Settings Joystick Deadzone Preference using minimum value instead of default value.
  • Fixed invisible glyphs in Gyro Button Picker Interface for Sony DualShock.
  • Switch Pro controller: Restored "Capture" button as an available Gyro Activation Button

SteamOS 3.6.3 Preview Update Changelog:


  • Fixed an issue with 3.6.2 where the session could crash after using Keyboard/Mouse Steam Input bindings
  • Worked around a bug where HDR couldn't be selected in Halo Infinite

Known Issues

  • Frequent session switches can result in the sound driver crashing, needing a system reboot

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