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The ID@Xbox 2024 Showcase is upon us! It was a 30-minute show that focused entirely on independent studios bringing their games to Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, or PC Game Pass. Of course, many of these games are multi-platform and will be released on Steam and playable on the Steam Deck. So here is the rundown of all the games shown that are released on Steam or Steam games that are receiving updates.

Astor: Blade of the Monolith is Launching May 30th

Action-RPG Astor: Blade of the Monolith has received a release date of May 30th.

Rip through hordes of enemies with fury and style in this fast-paced action RPG. Play as Astor, a young warrior determined to unveil the secrets behind his creators’ unforeseen demise. Wield an arsenal of runic weapons to hunt down the evil haunting the planet Gliese and save it from impending doom.

33 Immortals Gets New Gameplay Footage Ahead of Closed Beta

We got a look at a bit more gameplay footage of the Action Rogue-Like 33 Immortals, along with some gameplay mechanics ahead of the closed beta that's happening on May 24th. You can sign up for the beta at 33immortals.com.

The game will only be available on Epic Games and Xbox. It may come to Steam later.

4 New Pals are Joining Palworld in a New Update This Summer!

If you were worried updates were a little thin on the ground for Palworld since its launch early this year, the developers revealed today that 4 more Pals would be joining the game, as part of a bigger update happening this summer!

Commandos: Origins is Getting a Closed Beta This Summer, Gameplay Teaser Trailer!

Commandos: Origins. The long-awaited sequel to the Commandos series brings you right back to the foundation of the real-time tactics genre, and there's a closed beta happening for the game this Summer, which you can sign up for now at their official website.

Puzzling Horror Adventure Centum Is Coming Summer 2024!

An unreliable narrative-driven adventure game. You are trapped, and you must escape. But is that really the goal? That's the premise of Centum, which is going to hit Steam in the Summer of 2024!

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage New Trailer Shown

Embark on a new narrative journey by the creators of Life is Strange. Film your summer of 1995 and create memories of a lifetime with your new friends. 27 years later, confront the dark secrets that made you all promise to never speak again after that fateful summer.

Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action Gets a New Trailer and Summer 2024 Release Date

In a silent world where music is outlawed, play as a singer to shatter the strings of fate and sing the melody of freedom in this unforgiving Turn Based Rhythm JRPG. It also seems to have a pretty great soundtrack, as you might expect.

Stampede: Racing Royale is Coming to Xbox Game Preview and Steam This Summer

Welcome to the wildest kart racing event ever devised, where 60 players go bumper-to-bumper on outrageous circuits filled with power-ups. Avoid elimination and fight your way to the front of the herd in the scramble to be crowned champion!

Stampede: Racing Royale has been confirmed to be released into early access on Steam and Xbox this summer. You can also sign up on Steam to be a part of the upcoming Playtest!

It gives me serious Modnation Racers/Little Big Planet Karting vibes, which isn't too surprising as it's being developed by the LittleBigPlanet 3 developers. If it plays well, I wouldn't mind playing a game like this on my Steam Deck, though.

Jackbox: Naughty Pack is the First M-Rated Jackbox Game, Coming Later in 2024

Dim the lights and charge up your devices (you know which ones (Jackbox's Joke, not mine!)) because here comes Jackbox Naughty Pack, an intimate pack of three games that are sure to have you laughing and maybe even sweating just a little, coming out later this year. We will be revealing more details this summer, but for now, we can tell you that this will be Jackbox’s first M (Mature 17+) rated game, full of spicy surprises and maybe even some familiar faces.

Interplanetary Adventure 'Times & Galaxy' Launching This Summer!

Embark on an interplanetary adventure as the first robo reporter for the Times & Galaxy, the solar system’s most trusted holopaper. You’re just an intern, but if you can get the scoop, write great stories, and impress your colleagues, maybe you'll get to keep your job!

Fera: The Sundered Tribes Gets Co-op Gameplay Trailer, 2024 Release Date

Fera: The Sundered Tribes, a co-op monster hunting game received a gameplay trailer at the event showcasing a village, the game's traversal mechanics as well as some combat gameplay. The game is releasing later this year.

Hangry Gets a Story Trailer, and Approximately 4 Seconds of Gameplay!

Explore the galaxy. Discover new life. EAT IT. Play as Hangry, a beastly mercenary with an insatiable hunger hunting down fearsome monsters in this snack n' slash RPG. Traverse mouthwatering hunting grounds to find ingredients for Goutra, the chief chef of an underworld diner in an alien city.

The Strange 'Promise Mascot Agency' Gets a New Trailer, Launches 2025

Explore the cursed town of Kaso-Machi! Recruit and train mascot friends! Help out when jobs go wrong! Solve the mystery of your exile! Help Pinky work through her many anger issues! Turn Promise Mascot Agency into the best agency in Japan! Go go, Michi and Pinky! Yep, this is a bit of an odd one, but it looks kind of interesting. It's planned to release in 2025.

Dungeons of Hinterberg Gets New Trailer, July 18th Release Date!

If this has been a game on your radar, you'll be delighted to know that it's received an official release date of July 18th, along with a new trailer showcasing the world and some gameplay.

Armed with a sword and a tourist guide, explore the beautiful alpine village of Hinterberg and uncover the magic hidden within its dungeons! Master magic, solve puzzles, slay monsters; all this and more await you in Hinterberg!

Vampire Survivors Receives Patch 1.10, Laborratory Update, Along With a New Trailer, Contra DLC May 9th!

Vampire Survivors has reached Patch 1.10, and with it the game is getting a new challenge stage, bonus stage, character, weapon, passive weapon, and power-up. Work is continuing on online co-op and cross-save is now in beta with Steam, Android, and iOS.

Also the Contra DLC is releasing on May 9th!

It might be time to get Vampire Survivors reinstalled on your Steam Deck!

That's a Wrap!

That's all the Steam Deck related news that was shared during the ID@Xbox 2024 showcase! I hope you found something in there that you liked, I'm sure there'll be plenty of these games that will run well on the Steam Deck.

Let us know if you found this round-up of news helpful, we try to keep on top of events like this and bring all the news that we thing Steam Deck owners will enjoy together in one place so you can catch up on everything quickly.

If you want to watch the showcase back in all its glory, as well as additional deep-dives into Astor: Blade of the Monolith and Hangry, you can check out the ID@Xbox Showcase here.

Did you enjoy the ID@Xbox 2024 showcase? Let us know your thoughts on these announcements in the comments below!

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