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In case you missed it, a group of indie development companies combined to bring us the Triple I Initiative Gaming Showcase today! With more than 30 games featured in the 45-minute show, here's a quick rundown of all the PC games and updates for games that we think might catch your eye from the Triple I Initiative showcase!

Slay The Spire II - Early Access Launch (Coming 2025)

Yes, that's right! Slay the Spire II kicked off the Triple I Initiative showcase and was unveiled as a world premiere! Not much was shown other than a short teaser, but it is confirmed to have a planned release into early access in 2025.

Risk of Rain 2 - Devotion Update (Coming Soon)

Risk of Rain 2 is getting a new update, entitled Devotion. This update adds a new stage to the game "Verdant Falls", along with 2 new artifacts called Devotion and Delusion, and an alternate skin. The update is free and will be coming soon.

Kill Knight - World Premiere (Coming 2024)

Kill Knight is a fast-paced, hectic, bullet-hell isometric shooter. And if that isn't enough adjectives for you, I don't know what will be! It's due for release on Steam in 2024.

Shadows of Doubt - Sharpshooter Assassin Update (Out Now)

Shadows of Doubt, a detective stealth game released last year, received an update today for PC which adds two new killer variants, both based on a killer that will kill from range. Prepare to study bullet trajectories to hunt down vantage points across the city! The goal behind this is to inject the main serial killer cases with more variety, and you’ll have to alter your detective approach a bit to accommodate these killer types.

My Time At Sandrock - Cross-Platform Multiplayer Update (Summer 2024)

The Farming Sim My Time At Sandrock is being updated this Summer to support cross-platform co-op play for up to 4 players. This will allow players across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch to play together, you love to see it.

Dinolords - New Trailer (TBA)

Dinolords is possibly one of the weirdest games shown as the Triple I Initiative showcase, and looks like a weird take on the Stronghold franchise, if Stronghold let you ride a T-Rex and lay siege to your opponent's castle. In this mix of medieval and prehistoric, you'll need to train your soldiers and your dinosaurs in order to win the battle!

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder - Release Date Reveal (May 21st, 2024)

2D Steampunk Action Platformer Gestalt: Steam & Cinder was treated to a release date during the showcase, with May 21st penned in as the date when it will launch onto Steam. Work your way through the twist-laden narrative in this Steampunk world when it lands next month.

Vampire Survivors - Operation Guns DLC, AKA Contra DLC (May 9th, 2024)

Yes, you heard right, guns are coming to Vampire Survivors, courtesy of a Contra DLC update that's going to hit the game on May 9th of this year. It looks pretty intriguing, and I certainly wouldn't complain of a bit more variety in the game.

Never Alone 2 - World Premiere (TBA)

The Triple I Initiative showcase is bringing us a long-awaited game for many, a sequel to the popular 2014 indie game has finally been announced, with Never Alone 2 being brought to us by the original developers with Humble Games publishing. No release date as of yet!

Cataclismo - New Trailer (July 16th, 2024)

A new trailer was shown for Cataclismo at the Triple I Initiative showcase, a base-building RTS with Tower Defense elements, new details are shown about the game world and some more background is added to the story. If you aren't bothered by spoilers, there's also a 30-minute play-through of a never-before-seen level of the game by the game's Creative Director and Communications Manager, which you can watch here.

Death Must Die - Act II Reveal (April 20th, 2024)

Death Must Die received a trailer for its upcoming Act II, with a release date now confirmed for April 20th. Act II brings with it quite a few changes, but we aren't able to cover all of them here, you can check out the trailer to see them though!

Endzone 2 - Gameplay Trailer (Summer 2024)

Endzone 2 the sequel to the 2021 post-apocalyptic colony builder received a new trailer at the event. Showcasing some of what you'll be doing in the game, and some of the obstacles that you'll have to overcome if you want to survive.

UnderMine 2 - World Premiere (TBA)

UnderMine 2 is the sequel to the very popular 2020 hit UnderMine. An Action-Adventure Roguelike with some RPG thrown in for some good fun. And now, UnderMine 2 has co-op support, so you can dive into the action with a friend!

Norland - Release Date Trailer (May 16th, 2024)

We've already covered this one, but in case you missed that article, Norland has received a release date of May 16th for an early access launch on Steam at the Triple I Initiative showcase, so it's just over a month until you can be generating your own Medieval stories!

WHAT THE CAR? - Release Date Announced + Demo Released (September 5th, 2024)

WHAT THE CAR? Is... well... just watch the trailer, I don't know how to describe this thing. It actually took me about a minute to find out what this game was even called because the trailer isn't very good at letting you know the game's name! Maybe this rivals Dinolords for the weirdest game shown at the Triple I Initiative showcase... hmmm, I am torn! But it's launching on September 5th and there's a demo out now on Steam!

Darkest Dungeon II - Kingdoms Update (2024)

Darkest Dungeon II is receiving a "Kingdoms" game mode in a free update later in 2024. This is a stand-alone campaign game mode, independent of the "Confessions" campaign. You will have to be on the offensive and defensive as you race against the clock to defeat a monstrous threat.

RKGK / Rakugaki - World Premiere (Q2 2024)

Another world premiere now. RKGK / Rakugaki is a single-player 3D Platformer where you must fight against the evil B Corp. Chain together jumps, dashes, glides, and grinds. Then leave your mark with your graffiti on every corner of the city. It's all quite reminiscent of Jet Set Radio Future, but I'm sure RKGK will leave its own mark.

Broken Roads - Launch Trailer (Out Now)

Brave the Western Australian Outback in this story-rich, party-based, post-apocalyptic RPG. Do you have what it takes to make the choices that need to be made? Will your peers approve of your choices? You don't have to wait to find out, as the game launched today!

Ravenswatch - Fall of Avalon Update (April 22nd, 2024)

The early access co-op action roguelike is getting a major update in a couple of weeks time. This new update will add a new map to explore, more gameplay features, new enemies and bosses, further upgrades, and more! So it might be the perfect time to hop back into Ravenswatch if you haven't for a while.

Cat Quest III - Opening Intro Revealed (2024)

Not too much news for this one, but if you are a Cat Quest fan, then you might be interested to know that the game's opening Animation/intro was dropped during the Triple I Initiative showcase, so here it is!

Hyper Light Breaker - Mini-Boss Reveal Trailer (Summer 2024)

Hyper Light Breaker got some further gameplay footage revealed during the Triple I Initiative showcase, as well as a look at some of the enemies you'll be facing when the game launches later this year.

The Last Spell - Dwarves of Runenberg DLC + Free Update (April 24th, 2024)

The Last Spell is receiving its first DLC soon, called The Dwarves of Runenberg. This DLC adds a new map to the game, and a new race, which is, surprisingly, the Dwarves. It's also adding new weapons and Stone Medals as a new item. There are also a couple of new features being added in as a free update to the base game, such as being able to select what weapons will be in the run.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom - Launch Trailer + Surprise Launch (Out Now)

Ever wanted a colony builder where you build on the side of a mountain? Well, now there is one! Laysara: Summit Kingdom tasks you with doing just that, do you have what it takes? Well you better, because the game is out now in Steam early access!

Wizard of Legend II - Combat Trailer (TBA)

The 4-player co-op 3D Roguelike Wizard of Legend II received a new trailer during the Triple I Initiative showcase, displaying some of what you'll be up against, as well as the abilities you might want to use.

Brotato - Abyssal Terrors DLC + Couch Co-op Update (Summer 2024)

Brotato, the exceptionally well-received survivor rogue-like is getting a DLC! This DLC adds new potatoes, new enemies, new weapons, what doesn't it add? In addition, a free update will add couch co-op for up to 4 players, along with balancing and some new content as well!

Streets of Rogue 2 - Gameplay Trailer (2024)

Streets of Rogue 2 got a hefty gameplay trailer during the Triple I Initiative showcase. Aiming to be the ultimate fun sandbox, offering multiple ways to achieve your objectives, Streets of Rogue 2 certainly is ambitious, let's just hope they can pull it off and make it as good as the original!

Old World - Behind the Throne DLC (May 28th, 2024)

Another one we've written about already, but Old World is receiving a new DLC, entitled Behind the Throne. This DLC focuses on character interactions, and introduces some new gameplay mechanics, including yet another way in which you could fail as ruler of your kingdom! It launches on May 28th.

Palworld - Arena Update (2024)

A very short teaser was shown for a new "Arena" update for Palworld, where players can go to battle it out against other players using both themselves and their Pals!

33 Immortals - Closed Beta (May 24th, 2024)

In contrast to Palworld's trailer, a very lengthy trailer for the upcoming 33 Immortals game was shown, which seemed like an insane 33-player online battle against Raid bosses when I first saw the game, and that looks to be the case with this latest look. A closed beta for the game was announced for the 24th of May, which you can sign up for here. Although the game isn't available on Steam, only on the Epic Store.

MOUSE - Gameplay Teaser Trailer (2025)

Ever wanted to shoot your way through a series of noir cartoons? Well, that's exactly what MOUSE seems to be going for. Play as a detective shooting his way through the corrupt city filled with crooks when this FPS launches in 2025.

V Rising - Legacy of Castlevania Update (May 8th, 2024)

We got an actual glimpse of the gameplay of the Legacy of Castlevania update for V Rising during the Triple I Initiative showcase, as opposed to the animation we saw previously. It's good to see this one in action, along with a teaser for some of the Castlevania-inspired music that will be present in the game.

The Rogue Prince of Persia - World Premiere (May 14th, 2024)

Now this was a nice surprise. Previously rumored last month, we've had confirmation that The Rogue Prince of Persia is an actual game, and is launching into Steam Early Access on May 14th this year. It's a 2D action Roguelite platformer with a beautiful art style. As someone who has never been interested at all in Prince of Persia, this one has got me quite intrigued...

And That's It for the Triple I Initiative Showcase 2024!

Triple I Initiative showcase was one heck of a show, I don't know if there were any stipulations beforehand about showing gameplay, but it seemed like there was a great effort from all the developers to showcase their games being played and not just fancy CGI and cutscenes, although I guess these are indie developers primarily, so having the budget for fancy CGI might not be in the cards.

Do you hope the Triple I Initiative will keep it up and do another showcase in the future?

I hope you found this round-up helpful to get all the info in one place for you and that you aren't sick of seeing the words Triple I Initiative showcase, oops, there it is again!

If you want to watch the showcase in its entirety, you can find it here.

Did you enjoy this showcase? Are there any games that stood out to you? Perhaps ones that you'd like us to cover here on Steam Deck HQ? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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