With some teases along the way, the time has finally come...SDHQ ratings and reviews can now be integrated into your web browser while looking at Steam's store page thanks to a browser extension for Firefox and Chromium browsers created by cptpiepmatz!

Great on Deck was created, in the beginning, to show Deck verified statuses for games more prominently and in more areas than before (like when searching games on Steam). He also added in ProtonDB support so people could see what it was rated from that website. Though he didn't stop there! Starting with version 1.2.0, cptpiepmatz added a couple new things like a settings menu to toggle what you would like to see, support for wishlist and profile games list pages, improving support with the SteamDB extension, and...adding support for our game reviews!

SDHQ Review Browser Extension

Game page example. The SDHQ button at the top and logo above the ProtonDB logo is clickable and goes to the review. Hovering over the stars also shows the score breakdown!


Search example. This shows Deck verified status and ProtonDB, as well as our star rating. ProtonDB and SDHQ star ratings is clickable!


Wishlist example showing Deck verified status, ProtonDB rating, and SDHQ rating. Both ProtonDB and SDHQ ratings are clickable!

Adding this extension to your browser is super easy too!

Firefox: Click "Add to Firefox" and then click "Add".

Chrome/Brave/Chromium Browsers: Click "Add to Chrome" and then "Add Extension".

Big thank you to cptpiepmatz for including SDHQ into this awesome extension!