Hello, fellow Deckians! When we launched the site back in June 2022, we couldn't have imagined the incredible viewership and support we enjoy today. Because of the growth, we've had the opportunity to develop further, write for, and expand the site into a powerful hub for Steam Deck news, game settings, and community engagement.

We are always thinking about ways to add to the SDHQ experience and are excited to announce that we are ready to launch a new feature that will live on Game Settings pages - the Community Rating graph.

While we are confident that the game settings we provide help facilitate the best possible experience for our users, we know that everyone's perception of quality may vary based on their goals. That's the purpose of the Community Rating graph - to allow you to let us know what you think about your experience when playing your favorite games on Steam Deck.

The Community Rating graph will tally the votes provided by users and display them in the sidebar of individual game settings pages. The results will be displayed in a donut graph. Hovering over the facets of the graph will reveal the total votes in each category. Here's what it will look like:

community vote

You can find the community voting feature under SDHQ's recommended settings.

community vote location

Thanks again for trusting us with optimizing your Steam Deck experience. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this feature, let us know in the comments below.

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Shelby Klein is a web developer, digital artist, avid gamer and father based in Orlando, Florida.
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