Throughout the entire year, Valve has posted about which games have been the most played on the Steam Deck every month. This is an awesome way to see what games players are choosing to pick up and play on the go, giving us some insight into what the majority of gamers want to play. Now, to celebrate the end of the year, Valve has rounded up the games that were most played by daily active player counts throughout the entire year of 2023!


One thing I did notice was that Valve only includes games with a Steam Deck Verified or Playable badge, which is a shame considering that some Unknown and Unsupported games run extremely well and should definitely be included. And, while there was some overlap with last year's results, it is still fantastic to see some new games appear here, especially Armored Core 6! So, here are the most played games on the Steam Deck for the 2023 year:

Best Steam Deck Games of 2023:




And that's the list! I am extremely happy seeing Armored Core 6 in the top 12 games that were most played, as well as games like DREDGE, Sea of Stars, and Resident Evil 4 so high up. I do wish Octopath 2 was a bit higher, it is such an incredible game, but Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection being there at all was fantastic. Regardless, congratulations to every game that made this list and can't wait to see what 2024 will bring.

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