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A new Steam Deck Beta Client update was released, and with it comes some new updates that will be quite nice to have once they make their way to the stable branch! We have a couple of bug fixes, as well as a new option to "View More in the Store" button when searching.

We also have a new Steam Input option called "Turn to Face Direction." This will automatically have you facing the last input direction if no direction is pressed before a new input is required. It is similar when you face the direction of the character in third-person games. The "Calibrate Dots per 360" action has also been renamed to "Turn Camera 360."

You can check out the new update by going to your system settings and switching your update channel to Beta or Preview!

Steam Deck Beta Client 4/30/24 Update Changelog:


  • Fixed search showing family games as "From the Store" instead of "In library"
  • Fixed incorrect counts on the search tabs in search results
  • Added "View More in the Store" button to "All" tab in search


  • Fixed Regression: Reset to Horizon works again
  • Turn to Face Direction: Added option to allow you to face the last known input direction if no direction is pressed. Will only fire once before a new direction input is required. This emulates "Facing the direction of the character" for many third person games.
  • Renamed "Calibrate Dots per 360" action to "Turn Camera 360" to better describe its function. The numeric changes to reflect the chosen number of angles, so you can easily use this to make a "Turn Camera 180" button (Note: you will always have to calibrate the Dots per 360 value in either Gyro to Mouse or FlickStick modes for each game for this turn to be accurate).

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