SteamOS Update breaks dual boot and overclocking

If you are dual booting, or overclocking your Steam Deck, you may want to avoid this new SteamOS update! The new update, 3.4.11, improves a couple of aspects of the operating system, but one of the things it does is update the BIOS to Firmware 116, which is the same version that is being used with SteamOS 3.5.

NOTE: Overclocking is risky and could cause harm to your Steam Deck. Be careful doing this when trying to Overclock your device.

As noted by user slimXradio on Reddit, the SteamOS update issues stem from the new BIOS version that came with this update. To fix this, you will be required to download the Jupiter Unlock tool to use Smokeless UMAF to set your values. They mention that you shouldn't boot back into the stock BIOS, or it will reset the TDP/PPT values back to their defaults. The unlock tool adds PBS/CBS settings to your stock BIOS, so your Undervolting and CPU/GPU changes will apply normally. As long as you use Smokeless and don't boot back into the stock BIOS, you should be set.

For instructions on how to use the Jupiter Unlock tool, you can follow this YouTube video created by 10 Minute Steam Deck Gamer on how to do this. According to him, this should work on SteamOS 3.4.11 and SteamOS 3.5:

While with dual boot, you will be able to boot up different operating systems, like Windows, overclocking will allow you to push the Steam Deck past its limits, giving it more power. It has its risks, but depending on them, you may want to go through with this anyway. For a more detailed explanation of this and the pros/cons, you can check out Cryobyte33's article/video on how to Overclock and Undervolt. It is a little old, so the extra steps for SteamOS 3.4.11 and 3.5 aren't there, but it gives a great explanation of the pros and cons and the risks involved.

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