Well, it appears that Steam Deck Boot Videos are going to be officially coming to the Steam Point Store. Earlier today, Pavel Djundik (@thexpaw on twitter) tweeted a picture showing that there is a new "ShopPageTitle" called "SteamDeckStartupMovie" with a message underneath that shows a message when someone uses points to redeem a startup movie, which clearly describes a boot video.

Too see for ourselves, we went to the Github page for SteamTracking and found each one of those lines there. With no official announcement from Valve yet, it does make sense that this is the next step for Valve to implement.

While we have no details yet on the videos being used, how much they will cost, when it will be implemented, or if it can host community made videos, there is an awesome website called SteamDeckRepo that hosts boot videos for you to easily download and put on your Deck!