With all the comparisons and discussions about the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, it was only a matter of time before someone took it unto themselves to merge the two...and it seems that day is today. In a post on Reddit from user mrblackm123, they claimed that their controller broke and lacked/couldn't find replacement parts, so the OP (Original Poster) decided to take it into their own hands to fix it:

On top of attaching the joycons to the sides of the Deck screen with rails to lock them in, the OP also is using a 2280 M.2, a copper plate, and overclocked CPU, GPU, and RAM. They also have put in a stand that can be extended so the screen can stay up on its own.

In comments below, the OP mentions that it took around 2 weeks of trial and error to create this and that the rails being able to charge the joycons is something they're working on right now.

In a separate post, they uploaded a small video demonstration of what they did and how it works:

Overall, I can't say I am sure I would ever want to do something like this, but it is so cool seeing what the Steam Deck community can do. What do you guys think of this? Would you ever want to modify the Steam Deck like this?

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