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One of the best things about PC gaming is the ability to get significantly cheaper prices for games thanks to a plethora of sales and third-party sellers for official Steam keys. This is partly what makes the Steam Deck so great, giving us the portable console-like experience, but with games that can be heavily discounted due to the PC ecosystem. For a lot of people, finding the best deals is tough, and you gotta check each site or find specific ones that can do a cross-comparison. it seems that a new Decky Loader plugin will allow us to see where a game is cheapest before purchasing soon!

If you don't have it yet, you can follow our guide on how to get Decky Loader, the plugin framework that this, and many other amazing plugins, are built on.

Being created by Jtdegraaf, and currently hosted on Github, this simple plugin will detect which game you are looking at in the store and reference the corresponding page on isthereanydeal.com (a website that compares game prices on officially licensed third-party key sellers). It will then show the cheapest price and note which store it is on.

Terraria Steam Store page on Steam Deck with isthereanydeal plugin.

This is awesome, and it keeps us informed easily about where we can save the most money to get the game on Steam. And, if you want to see more specifics, you can touch the text at the bottom of the screen and it will pop up the isthereanydeal page for the corresponding game!

isthereanydeal web page from Decky plugin

The creator also posted about this on Reddit and, from there, answered a couple of questions about the upcoming plugin. The creator confirmed that the plugin will auto-detect Euro vs. USD depending on your region and that we may have the option to change which data is shown at the bottom. The plugin isn't ready just yet, nor is it available for public testing, but this does show an interesting concept that could help us all save some money!

I am definitely looking forward to the plugin and can't wait to try it out and save money however I can!

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