If you are looking for ways to customize the way your library games look on the Steam Deck, the SteamGridDB Decky Plugin is the way to go. The plugin gives you the ability to change your artwork for each game, giving you more options so you can customize the way your game art looks. Now, a new update was published to give us a couple more options for this, as well as some bug fixes to make using the plugin better overall.

If you don't have Decky Loader yet, you can follow our guide to get it installed!

SteamGridDB Decky Loader Plugin

As of this update, version 1.4.0, we now have the ability to apply official icons for games if we want to revert them back to the originals before we changed. We also have Steam Beta support, update localizations, and three fixes for the bottom of search results being cut off, a bug where only 50 assets would load, and the local image selector not showing any files with upper or mixed case file extensions.

It's a small update overall, but any changes to improve the usability of the plugin are very welcome. You can get the plugin through the Decky Loader store and you can update it by going to the plugins tab in the settings.

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