Proton GE 7-50 Metal Slug

GloriousEggroll pushed out a new Proton GE update this morning. This one primarily updated everything to their latest gits, imported new updates that came to Valve's proton versions, and removed some no longer needed protonfixes for Persona 4 Golden and Battle Fantasia. It does also add a protonfix for Metal Slug, which fixes the black window!

If you don't have Proton GE and want to know how to get it, or see what the benefits could be, we have a Proton GE guide! It will provide all necessary information to get you started with this community-driven compatibility layer.

Proton GE 7-50 Changelog:

  • update dxvk to latest git
  • update vkd3d-proton to latest git
  • update wine to latest bleeding edge
  • rebase wine-staging patches
  • import upstream vkd3d updates
  • import upstream font updates
  • import upstream vrclient/openvr updates
  • import upstream steamclient updates
  • import upstream proton updates
  • protonfixes: remove no longer needed persona 4 golden fixes (thanks tgurr)
  • protonfixes: remove no longer needed Battle Fantasia FPS lock (merged in dxvk, thanks ranplayer)
  • protonfixes: Metal Slug -- fix black window (thanks ranplayer)

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